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“The ‘New Normal’ – 5 Ways to Connect With Others From a Safe Distance”

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As life begins to return to a form of recognizable normality, each of us are tasked with working out exactly how to proceed from here. Do we want to rush out the door and resume our former schedules, or do we want to take our time? Has our situation changed since the Covid-19 pandemic began? As we begin to navigate our way forwards, there is plenty to consider.

We have all missed out on birthdays, weddings and other significant events with friends and family in the last year or so. For some, the implicated social isolation has been a significant threat to mental health. We have not been permitted to share affection with our loved ones. In some cases this has lead to the breakdown of relationships. The sooner we can reconnect, the better.

But how?

Here are the 5 covid-safe ways you can connect with others from a distance:

Find common ground.  We humanly seek like-minded ‘pack members’ to feel safe and secure. We need a sense of belonging to thrive. Try heading out on a safely distanced walk to enjoy time exchanging thoughts with a friend. You might be surprised at how similarly you’ve been feeling.

Do something thoughtful.  There are many ways of showing your love that are not physical. Get crafty and make a gift for a friend to let them know you’re still there for them. Or order a message balloon as a surprise for a relative who you cannot visit. Their smile will be worth every effort!

Arrange future plans.  Just because you cannot hug your best friend or travel to visit your grandmother right now doesn’t mean you never will. Create a colorful inspiration board and fill it with hopefully ideas for your post-pandemic calendar. It will become a reality before you know it.

Let go of the past.  We all enjoy cathartic offloading now and again. We have been through a lot and there seems to be a great deal to complain about. However, dwelling too long will only trap you in the negative past. Turn your conversations towards the potential of the future. Who knows what it might hold for you!

Remove some pressure.  Do you know someone who has cared for another person throughout the pandemic? Maybe you know a single mom who is overwhelmed right now. Or maybe that friend you haven’t heard from in a while could do with a listening ear. By offering loving gestures we can help to heal the gaps in our communities and support those in need.

Distance or not distance—we can all connect authentically with the people that matter most. All we need is a little ingenuity and a generous measure of loving intention. We may not be able to hold each other close physically but we certainly can do so in other forms of communication and consideration. Some of the very best moments of your relationships are awaiting you!

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