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‘Eating to Thrive – How Healthy Weight-Loss Can Free Your Mind and Body’

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Make your dream come true

In recent years, diet culture has become even more confusing than ever. We are surrounded by conflicting ideals of the ‘perfect body’ within our social media newsfeeds and on our television screens. One moment we’re told stick thin is the right thing. The next, we are encouraged to embrace fuller hips and thighs in accordance with celebrity trends.

It can be a stressful area to navigate!

What highly edited press images and fashions don’t focus upon, is health. How we feel goes far beyond our waist size. Mood swings and chronic anxiety are just two of the effects that can occur as a result of poor diet and a lack of hydration. Plus, depletion of self-esteem and personal confidence is another side effect of a poor diet.

We do not need to feel limited by either our diet or our weight. Eating for vitality focuses on the foods that make us feel good rather than on calorie-counting. The scales are not the dictator of happiness. If we can change our relationship with weight-loss from one of dread to one of positivity then we can empower ourselves to discover a more joyful way of life!

Changing the language we use related to weight-loss can help us to feel more positive about it’s potential benefits. Toxic narratives within diet culture are designed to make us feel guilty. They breed misery rather than motivation. Ditch stress-triggering phrasing to get yourself in the right mindset. Aim to thrive rather than to ‘get thin’. Aspire to become vibrant rather than ‘skinny’.

So—what are the benefits of eating for vitality? Here’s a quick checklist:

Empowerment.  You are in the driving seat of your life. You can (and will) make choices that benefit your health. The results of your efforts will be the encouragement you’ve been missing.

Health.  The benefits of weight-loss go far beyond aesthetics. Lower fat percentage and greater muscle mass will allow for more energy—and therefore more of life’s adventures!

Optimism.  Realizing that we have the power to make positive change is license to soar. What else would you like to achieve in your future?

Confidence.  By setting the bar a little higher for yourself, you acknowledge your worth. Why stay stuck in a rut that makes you miserable? You deserve to feel healthy and happy, everyday.

Habits can be hard to break and weight-loss won’t always feel like an easy journey. There might be days where you wonder if you are truly capable—but you are! You have the ability to build the life you dream of. With the right support behind you, anything is possible. Ready to get started? Get in touch today to access the coaching guidance and resources you need to thrive.

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