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Single Session

Get a taste of coaching with a focused session.



6 Months Package

Dive deeper into your personal growth journey.



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Follow-up Session

Review your progress, refine your action plan, and stay motivated with a follow-up session.



7 Days Detoxification Package

Transform with our 7-Day Detox & Rejuvenation: cleanse your body with Nutritional Supplements, Hydration Tips, and Healthy Meal Plans. Embrace Liquid Diet Days and reflect with Journal Prompts for a complete wellness journey.



Package of Three

Save with our bundled initial visit and two follow-up sessions for a comprehensive and cost-effective experience.



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Our carefully crafted courses empower women to excel in the modern world and make a significant impact. We offer a diverse range of workshops and courses covering essential topics such as detoxification, weight loss, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal growth, well-being, and social change.

Online courses offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own terms. Perfect for busy lifestyles or those unable to attend traditional classes, online courses provide access to expert knowledge and a wealth of resources while being budget-friendly.

Online learning operates through a digital platform where course materials and resources are accessible. Students can engage with the content, complete assignments, and interact with instructors and fellow learners through online forums and discussion groups. This method offers a versatile and easily accessible approach to acquiring knowledge and skills.

Absolutely! We've got your back throughout your learning journey. You'll have access to dynamic online forums and engaging discussion groups, fostering connections with like-minded participants and experienced instructors. Moreover, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering personalized support, ensuring an enriching and successful learning experience for you.

If you're ready to unlock your true potential, coaching is your catalyst. Whether you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of your path, our coaching will ignite clarity and empower action. Moreover, our coaching session is invaluable for individuals seeking to accelerate personal or professional growth.

During a coaching session, you can expect to enter a supportive, comfortable, and confidential space. Your coach will ask thought-provoking questions to gain a deeper understanding of your goals, challenges, and opportunities. They will provide unwavering support, hold you accountable, and offer valuable guidance as you progress towards your desired outcomes.


Debra Smith RN, MSN, MPH, CNSA/Clinical Nursing Director II Correctional Health Services

It is truly a pleasure to give testimony of Dr. Sharon A, Yost being my life Coach. She has been a blessing in my life as a sister, best friend and Life Coach. We began this journey together when our mother because ill in 2008. Dr. Yost started very mildly with her introduction into nutrition.

Thank you, Dr. Yost, BFF and “my sissy” for coaching me along this journey to success of healthy life style changes. Although you gave me tough love, you never gave up on me and I so much appreciate that. I highly recommend reading and following your Recipe to Love & Wellness modality.

Maggie G.

Coach Yost experience and coaching style immediately appealed to me, while I didn’t have any expectations at the beginning, I was confident that coach Yost approach would bring the best out of me. In the past I used to have unhealthy dating patterns that I was not aware of, for example I used select guys that were emotionally abusive and I would stay long in those relationships thinking, this is the best I can do and I deserve this! So after getting to know myself and practicing the self-love methods with coach Yost I managed to attract my new relationship with an amazing man. Through comprehensive coaching session I have experienced great success in my current relationship with well targeted exercises focused on my areas of my weaknesses. Coachn Yost helped me approach relationships in a different manner; more constructive way and my confidence level in all areas of my life have really increased. I have also managed to improve my communication skill which was one of my weak points in my past relationships. Thank you coach Yost for helping me put behind my unhealthy dating patterns.

Amelia C. Howard

Eight months ago I was confused, and lost about several aspects of my life, suffering the paralyzing effects of inertia and low mood. The end of a relationship, the realization that my social life was sparse and the lack of enthusiasm to complete a project were weighing me down. Coach Yost helped me to determine my goals I must admit I was fearful, not to mention tearful, but coach talking my goals through with coach Yost gave me focus, the drive to move my life forward which led me to identify opportunities to fix what wasn’t working. In just 5 sessions over 3 months, my life and most importantly how I feel about myself, has started to change in a positive way. I would highly recommend coaching with coach Yost. I truly believe I would still have been struggling without engaging coach Yost as my coach. It has been a valuable and worthy investment in me. The process opened my eyes to see opportunities and improve my life. Coach Yost doesn’t direct you in what to do –coach Yost facilitates you finding the answers yourself – it just sort of happens as you become more ‘aware’. Thank you so much, your advice is much appreciated, so glad I found you!

Clarence M.

After an unsuccessful and costly experience with a lawyer, I was fortunate to find Coach Yost. A personal mediator. We are married about 8 years now and have been living fine. But last year things changed between my wife and I. we encountered a lot of problem in our marriage. My wife filled for a divorced, but the lawyer in charge of our case could not help out with the case. I came across coach Yost online and how she has helped some marriages settle their differences. I met Coach Yost met with me and my wife separately for therapy. After assigning us homework and a few therapies session you were able to settle the problem between us, by bringing back the love that existed between us before. We are happily living together as husband and wife. I cannot thank you enough for helping me learn to love and care for my wife again.

Tim H.

I have been in a relationship with a girl that I took so serious, we dated for 3years and we planned our life together, went ring shopping, and had laid out in front of us. She suddenly break up with me just some months before my proposal to her. I was devastated. Initially I was thinking she was joking with her actions, I was thinking she’s going to come back to me again, I felt reluctant not until I saw her going out on a date with a guy, that was when I knew I have lost her. I was depressed and worried, I felt I couldn’t live without her because she meant a lot to me. A friend of mine noticed my mood has changed that I’m not the normal person he use to know, then he directed me to Coach Yost who helped me to go through the bad breakup with my Ex-girlfriend. Currently I’m living fine and have forgotten about my past relationship with her.


“The health and nutritional lessons I learned through Dr. Yost are truly invaluable to me. I’ve struggled with being overweight large majority of my youth but with the help of Dr. Yost, some sound advice, and discipline I was able to lose over 50 pounds. The weight loss helped me get closer to a weight more appropriate for my age and height. Till this day, I’ve kept my weight at bay and its all thanks to the many health tips I received from Dr. Yost to maintain my weight loss.”

Cher’ie Roslyn Walker

She is a true pioneer even as she faced nursing her daughter from cancer who preserves in what she loves to do. I have learned through Sharon that treating the symptoms do not mean curing the- problem that is causing the symptoms. This is why she say’s feeding the body the proper nutrition it needs is imperative. When I am faced with medical issues. I call on my friend Sharon as my personal health advisor for I can count on her to give me sound information to help me irradicate my medical problems. I am a healthy 50 something year old woman that has always believed in exercise, eating a healthy diet & living my life as healthy as possible who has never had to have one surgery and I thank Ms. Sharon Yost for being there for me when I need her.

Stephanie Carter

My husband of 15 years said he couldn’t talk to me any more without a third party. He was planning to file for a divorce and I was devastated. That was pretty much the lowest point of our marriage because he was finally where I was too. I felt like I don’t love him anymore, and I didn’t feel any passion in my marriage for years but I was scared to get divorce as it would feel like a total failure. We had a 3 year old daughter and we were serious about her welfare, but that only served to make the situation more stressful. Things were definitely at a head for the both of us. My yoga instructor recommended me to see Coach Yost as she saw the mess I was. Through Coach Yost, coaching technique with us I personally had a rather large shift in the way I felt about being married, let alone with my husband. Much of my anxiety has settled and my relationship. I absolutely congratulate myself on taking the painful path of honesty and emotional and spiritual growth and I want to thank you too Coach Yost for your hard work to challenge me to become a happier, peaceful and loving person. It’s a hard fought freedom, sometimes every day, but it’s worth it.